Clover man sentenced to 30 days for violating bond

Robert Carter
Robert Carter

A York County judge sent a Clover man to jail for 30 days Thursday night after cops searching for stolen goods found the domestic violence suspect at the home of the victim.

Clover Town Judge Melvin Howell, who is also a York County magistrate judge, sentenced Robert Carter, 55, to jail for a month after ruling that Carter violated terms of his bond from an April arrest for domestic violence, according to police, jail and court records.

Carter was charged April 16 after he punched a woman at the home they share, according to a Clover police report.

He was later released on $2,130 bond, court records show, but a condition of the bond set by York County Magistrate Judge Dan Malphrus was that Carter have no contact with the victim while the case was pending.

While Clover police were searching for stolen merchandise Sunday as part of another investigation, they found Carter in the bedroom of the home. They knew of the recent arrest by a different officer in April. Police arrested Carter after learning he had been banned from being in the home.

Clover officers then contacted Judge Howell, according to the incident report, who told officers that Carter had to be in court Thursday night for a “show cause” hearing, during which Howell would require answers about why Carter violated bond.

Howell found Carter had violated the terms and sentenced Carter to 30 days in jail for contempt, according to court and jail records.

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