2 Northwestern students charged after chewing gum incident, fight

Two Northwestern High School students were charged with disturbing schools after a fight that started earlier this week when one student smeared chewing gum in the face of the other student’s younger brother, according to Rock Hill Police.

Officers say two female students – ages 15 and 17 – were brought to the school’s main office after the incident on Tuesday.

A male student said he was involved in a verbal altercation with one of girls the week before in a P.E. class. He claimed that the girl spit out her chewing gum and smeared it in his face, according to the Rock Hill police report.

The boy said he told his older sister about the chewing gum incident after it happened, the report states. The next day, the girl reportedly approached him about the incident. When he tried to walk away, she grabbed him by the back of the neck and began slapping him on his back, head and arms, he told police.

During this altercation, the boy’s older sister approached the girl and began hitting her, the report states. The students eventually separated themselves and they were escorted to the office.

The female student told police that she smeared the gum in the boy’s face because she was “offended” by a comment he made toward her during the P.E. class. She said she only wanted to “yell” at him for telling his sister the chewing gum incident. But, she told officers that she became “more upset” when he started to walk away.

The parents of the two girls agreed not to press charges, but school officials charged the students with disturbing school. Police served an arrest warrant on the older student, due to her age, according to the report.

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