York woman claims child’s father pointed gun at her

A woman told York police her son’s father pointed a gun at her through a car window, but asked officers not to talk to him about it.

The 24-year-old woman reported to police on Friday that she got into an argument over the phone with the father of her young son. When she went to drop the boy off in the Barron Park neighborhood a week earlier, she said the 28-year-old father approached the car and started yelling at her.

When she told the man to get away from her car, he reportedly opened the passenger side door and pointed a semi-automatic handgun at her, saying she was going to “stop disrespecting him.”

The woman told police she then got out of the car and told on the man to his father, who was standing in the doorway of the house. She then drove off.

When asked why she waited a week to report the incident, she told police she only wanted to document it for “Family Court purposes” and did not want to press charges or even have officers contact the man about the incident.

She also told officers another person was sitting in the car’s passenger seat when the man pointed the gun inside, but refused to identify the person. Officers asked why she left her son at the location after his father pointed a gun at her, and she explained that the child already had gone inside.

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