Rock Hill teens accused of killing duck, cat with BB gun

Two 14-year-old boys are accused of shooting and killing a duck near a Rock Hill apartment complex on Saturday, according to Rock Hill Police.

A resident of Riverview Road told officers on Saturday morning that he saw two boys by the pond near the Stones Crossing apartment complex. He said one of the boys shot and killed a duck with a BB gun, according to a police report. The boys left the area and went toward the apartments when the witness approached them.

Officers later located the boys. One of them told officers that he was playing by the pond with the other boy with a BB gun and that he shot and killed the duck. The boy said he brought the duck back to his apartment and placed it in a nearby bush, the police report states.

Officers checked the bushes but didn’t find the duck. Neighbors told officers they believe the boys are responsible for the killing of a neighbor’s cat with a BB gun.

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