Rock Hill electricity thieves owe over $3K to city, police say

Police plan to criminally charge two Rock Hill residents who are accused of tampering with their power meters and stealing electricity.

In both cases, police say the residents owe more than $1,700 worth of power each.

Rock Hill residents receive electricity, water and other services through the city-owned utility. Theft of electric current is a misdemeanor offense in South Carolina.

This week, Rock Hill Police say a city employee discovered two Rock Hill residents who have been using power without paying the city. Police reports show that those residents live on Andora Drive and Lewis Street.

In one case, police say a Rock Hill woman is accused of stealing electricity since April 7. The utility employee told officers Monday that the city had previously disconnected the woman’s power because she was behind on payments. She has not paid, and she reinstalled her power meter without permission, the report states.

In the other case, police say a Rock Hill man hasn’t paid his electricity bill since the end of January. Employees believe he’s been stealing power since Jan. 30, the report states.

City officials say meter tampering is dangerous.

“Once safety devices are by-passed, contact is made with an energized power line that could cause electrocution,” Rock Hill spokeswoman Katie Quinn told The Herald.

Rock Hill charges a $300 fee to deter customers from tampering with meters.

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