York landscaper’s truck stolen at Bojangles’

York landscaper Eddie Nivens is hotter than the biscuits and chicken at Bojangles’ restaurants, after a thief leaped from a car in the restaurant drive-thru and stole his landscaping truck and tools.

The midmorning theft Tuesday happened while Nivens and his crew were working on the restaurant grounds just yards from the truck.

Nivens’ company has a contract to handle the grounds at several restaurants in the Carolinas.

“This is everything I need to work, for all of us to make a living,” Nivens said Wednesday. “The truck and everything, we are talking $35,000 at least.”

Both men in the car at the drive-thru fled, leaving the car but taking Nivens’ truck.

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Doug Barfield confirmed that police found a gun in the car that was left at the scene.

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