'Only wanted to honk the horn'; Rock Hill police hear surprise in storm cleanup

Thomas Edward Miller
Thomas Edward Miller Rock Hill Police Department

A fire truck horn, sounded during the cleanup after Sunday's storm in Rock Hill, was blasted by a man who climbed into the truck because he "only wanted to honk the horn," police said.

Thomas Edward Miller, 30, was charged with public disorderly conduct after police saw him climb in and out of a responding fire truck. The air horn was blasted "for an extremely long time," a Rock Hill Police Department incident report shows.

Police were at the 1000 block of College Avenue Extension around 9 p.m. Sunday after a tree fell on an SUV, according to Rock Hill police. When officers saw a downed power line under the vehicle, they called the Rock Hill Fire Department to control the road and assess any danger, officers said.

The horn of the fire truck was honked and police saw a man wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt sitting in the truck's driver seat, officers said. Police saw the man get out of the fire truck, officers said.

Officers approached the man, identified as Miller, who had jumped back into the fire truck and was sitting in the truck's driver seat, police said.

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