York man arrested on heroin charge after running from Rock Hill Police

Lucas Nance
Lucas Nance Courtesy of Rock Hill Police

A 21-year-old York man is accused of using black tar heroin and trying to run from police during a traffic stop on Wednesday afternoon in Rock Hill, law enforcement records show.

Officers arrested Lucas Nance after a foot chase near Alberta Court after he ditched his car on a dead-end road and ran into the woods, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

Police were attempting to pull Nance over, the report states, because he had failed to use his turn signal while previously making a right hand turn onto Flint Hill Street from Little Street.

Officers say Nance tried to get away from them after they turned on their blue lights. He is accused of speeding down the dead-end residential street before leaving his car and running away, according to the report.

During the chase, one Rock Hill officer pulled his gun on Nance while shouting at him to “get on the ground,” the report states. Police say Nance then told officers he had an arrest warrant pending. The outstanding warrant was for obtaining goods through false pretense, police records show.

As officers arrested Nance on scene and he allegedly admitted that he’d smoked heroin the night before, records show. Officers say they found black tar heroin wrapped in tin foil in his Mazda.

Nance has been charged with possession of heroin, failure to identify himself to police/resisting arrest, and habitual offender, the police report states.

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