Woman arrested after washing hair, removing shirt in Rock Hill McDonald’s bathroom

A woman was arrested in a Rock Hill McDonald’s after officers found her in the bathroom washing her hair and removing her shirt in a public bathroom.

Rock Hill police officers were called to the restaurant on South Cherry Road at 4 a.m. Thursday after staff complained of a woman yelling and cursing in the lobby. The woman was thrown out of the restaurant after she spit on the floor of the dining room, according to the incident report.

The 21-year-old Charlotte woman then returned to the restaurant and caused a scene, leading staff to call police. Officers reportedly found the woman in the men’s restroom washing the perm out of her hair in the sink. The woman also had removed her shirt and exposed herself, and officers ordered her to cover herself with a jacket.

Because officers recognized the woman as someone who has been removed from multiple establishments for her conduct, she was charged with public disorderly conduct and arrested.

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