20-year York County feud escalates

A 65-year-old woman claimed self-defense Thursday when she admitted to hitting an 81-year-old male neighbor with a shovel after he allegedly pointed a gun at her in the latest run-in of a feud that has lasted 20 years in rural McConnells, according to a sheriff’s office report.

The man called York County deputies Thursday night, saying he was riding his four-wheeler and shooting his handgun on his True Road property south of York when the woman attacked him with a shovel.

According to the report, the man showed deputies “multiple bruises” on his arm.

Deputies talked with the woman who admittedshehit the neighbor with the shovel in self-defense, attempting to knock the gun from his hand after the man allegedly pointed the gun at her and her dog.

The man and woman then told police that the feud between themhas been going on for two decades.

Deputies explained to both residents that charges could be filed against each of them. They declined to cooperate further with deputies and declined to press charges.

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