Vandals hit Winthrop Park again with graffiti

From staff reports

For the second time in recent weeks, police say vandals painted graffiti at one of Rock Hill’s neighborhood parks on Eden Terrace and Cherry Road.

On Wednesday afternoon, officials found “BS” spray painted on the wall of the practice tennis court at Winthrop Park.

The park is located near other recreational facilities in Winthrop University’s athletic coliseum area. Winthrop Park is named for the nearby university but is city-owned. It also includes a baseball/softball field and a playground.

Police estimate the graffiti caused about $500 worth of damage, according to the incident report. It’s the second time recently that police officers have found “BS” spray painted at the tennis court.

This time, officers collected evidence from the park, including three spray paint cans and latex gloves. Fingerprints were lifted from the evidence, according to the report.