Rock Hill woman charged with assault at Goodwill after victim, 74, threatens to ‘sock her’


Police arrested a 55-year-old woman Tuesday at a Rock Hill Goodwill store after she allegedly pushed a 74-year-old lady to the ground in a checkout dispute in which the victim told the suspect she would “sock” her if she didn’t stop trying to forge into the line, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

Jeannette Dodd Bomar of Rock Hill was charged with assault and battery after she admitted to police she “lost her temper” and pushed the victim, according to a Rock Hill Police Department report.

The incident was caught on store videotape.

When police arrived at the secondhand store Tuesday just before noon, the victim told officers she was waiting in line to pay for her items when a second register opened. The woman went to the second register when Bomar allegedly got in line behind her and became disorderly over the victim getting in front of Bomar in line.

The victim told police Bomar repeatedly kept trying to place her items in front of hers - which police said was confirmed on the store video.

The victim then told Bomar if she did not stop then she would sock her, then Bomar allegedly pushed the older woman to the ground. The woman hit her head when she fell but declined medical treatment and had no visible injuries, the report states.

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