Rock Hill police investigating drive-by shooting, arrest 2 for crack trafficking


Rock Hill police charged two men with trafficking crack cocaine third offense Tuesday night while investigating a drive-by shooting on Lige Street in Rock Hill’s southern section.

Police were called around 9:15 p.m. when a juvenile told officers that he was on Lige Street walking home when an older model gray Cadillac Deville pulled up to him. Someone yelled “let it loose” before shots were fired at the juvenile from the back seat through an open rear window, according to a police report.

Detectives and patrol officers responded to the scene. Arrest warrants for an unidentified man for attempted murder and criminal conspiracy have been issued but police have not yet taken the alleged shooter into custody and have not released the suspect’s name, according to Capt. Mark Bollinger, a department spokesman.

Before 10 p.m. a sergeant who was assisting in the investigation saw an older model gray Cadillac coming toward him on Lige Street so he pulled the car over in a traffic stop, according to another police report.

The driver, Tony Tarcell Ward, 33, of Rock Hill, allegedly was “continually reaching around the center console,” the report states.

Ward was asked to get out of the car. Backup officers arrived and a passenger, Darrell Crockett, 42, of Rock Hill, was also asked to leave the vehicle based on the “possible involvement in the shooting,” the report states.

Police received consent to search the vehicle and found four bags of crack weighing 14 grams, according to police.

Both Ward and Crockett told police “they had no idea where the crack came from,” according to the report.

Drug agents responded and seized four cell phones and more than $400 in cash.

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