Rock Hill tax preparer sent to prison for stealing $10K from clients, unlawful gun


A Rock Hill tax preparer was sentenced to nine months in prison late last week after pleading guilty to breach of trust and fraudulent check charges totaling more than $10,000 of his clients’ money.

Michael Rockholt, 40, must pay $9,000 in restitution in the breach of trust case where he failed to file the return of a client who paid Rockholt in advance, said Megan Fuller, 16th Circuit assistant solicitor.

The client was forced to pay late fees to the IRS because of Rockholt’s actions, Fuller said.

Rockholt also must pay restitution for a $1,600 fraudulent check case and received three years probation along with the nine months active prison time. A five year sentence was suspended.

Rockholt also pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a pistol after he was arrested twice for DUI. The DUI charge remains pending and Rockholt must receive addiction treatment as part of the sentence.