Woman accused of stealing breakfast, assaulting employees at Fort Mill hotel

Nenni Young
Nenni Young

A York County sheriff’s deputy responding to an intruder at a Fort Mill hotel on Tuesday arrived to find a woman being held down on the dining room floor by hotel staff.

Nenni Ferri Young, 30, of Charlotte was charged with assault and battery after a fight with staff who claimed they caught her trying to steal the Quality Inn’s complementary breakfast, according to a sheriff’s office arrest report.

Hotel staff told the deputy they found Young in the breakfast line shortly after 7 a.m. Knowing that Young was not staying at the hotel, they prevented her from leaving until she put the food down.

Young responded by striking one man in the neck, causing him to fall to the ground and also, according to the report, causing his pants to fall down.

Two employees tried to restrain Young, and she reportedly bit them. One man showed the officer multiple bite marks on his forearm. An employee also needed stitches to his arm after he fell on broken glass when Young reportedly knocked over a glass table top.

Young also is accused of breaking a decorative sailboat. The total damage was estimated at $1,400.

When the deputy arrived, Young was still struggling on the floor and kicked at hotel employees while she was being handcuffed. Young then accused the man whose pants fell off of attempting to sexually assault her, the report states.

She was transported to the Fort Mill jail for booking and later taken to the York County Detention Center, where she remains on a $4,480 bond.

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