10 charged after deputies bust Rock Hill underage drinking party

Several people were cited or arrested after deputies busted an underage drinking party in Rock Hill Friday, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were investigating suspicious activity on the 4600 block of Westwind Drive about 10:40 p.m. Friday when they saw about 20 people running in the road, according to a sheriff’s report. Several people had beers in their hands and appeared to be underage. A deputy apprehended one 18-year-old man who admitted to drinking beer, and charged him with minor in possession of beer.

The owner of the home where the minors had been drinking, 22-year-old Anthony Difiore, gave deputies permission to enter the home, where they found multiple underage people drinking alcohol, deputies said. Difiore was charged with multiple counts of transfer of beer to a minor.

Two teenagers inside the home were charged with minor in possession of beer.

Outside the home, deputies found 20-year-old man hiding in some bushes and arrested him, the report states. He became disorderly and belligerent while being transported to the detention center, where he was charged with public disorderly conduct and minor in possession.

Two more minors outside the home, ages 19 and 20, admitted to consuming alcohol and were each cited for minor in consumption of beer. Three others found walking nearby admitted to drinking and were cited for minor in possession of alcohol before being released.

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