Rock Hill woman was gunned down. Here’s how much prison time the shooter got

The shooter of two people in Rock Hill in what attorneys said was a 2018 killing and assault during drug activity has pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

Michael Patrick Donovan, 29, was sentenced to 17 years in prison after a negotiated deal in the death of Kathy Regina Terry, 27. Terry was killed in May 2018 outside a Farlow Street home. A murder charge was dropped to manslaughter as part of the negotiation.

A second person was shot by Donovan but survived, prosecutors said. Donovan pleaded guilty to assault and battery for that shooting.

Donovan agreed to the guilty pleas after saying in court that it was likely he could be found guilty of murder if the case went to trial.

Donovan said he did not mean to shoot Terry and had just meant to fire a warning shot.

“I did not mean to kill that girl,” Donovan said in court.

Donovan also said in court that drugs were involved.

“Drugs is bad,” Donovan said. “I’m not right for taking a life.”

Court testimony showed Terry also had a gun at the time she was killed.

Donovan’s lawyer, Montrio Belton, said in court the full facts of the case will never be known, and Donovan expressed both remorse and responsibility since the shootings.

“Somewhere in the midst of all of this, drugs were involved,” Belton said.

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