York County woman, 65, jailed after allegedly hitting neighbor, 81, with shovel in 20-year feud


A 65-year-old McConnells woman whose two decades of feuding with her 81-year-old neighbor in rural western York County was jailed on assault and entry onto another person’s pasture or lands after notice charges two weeks after she allegedly hit the neighbor with a shovel.

Patsy Parham was arrested Tuesday. She was briefly held at the York County Detention Center before being released on a personal recognizance bond, according to arrest and jail records.

On May 15, Joe Mack McCoy, 81, told police he was riding his four-wheeler and shooting his handgun on his True Road property in McConnells south of York when Parham allegedly attacked him with a shovel. Parham claimed self-defense to police, according to an incident report, stating McCoy pointed a gun at her and her dog.

Both Parham and McCoy initially declined to press charges for the feud that has been going on for 20 years, a police report from the mid-May incident stated.

But McCoy went back to police May 20 and asked that the case be re-opened because Parham and her dog were on his property. McCoy showed police bruises he claimed were from being hit by the shovel.

“It is not right to come on someone else’s property and do great bodily harm, so I re-opened the case,” McCoy said Tuesday. “I don’t know anyone else who would tolerate being injured like I was.”

A supplemental York County Sheriff’s office report shows that detectives photographed McCoy’s injuries and began an investigation that culminated with Tuesday’s arrest of Parham, according to police records.

Parham twice in 2003 tried to get restraining orders against McCoy, court records show. McCoy said he has lived at the property for 19 years.