Rock Hill ER patient accused of assaulting nurses, exposing herself

From staff reports

Good Rock Hill Police

A Rock Hill woman who claimed to be “under the influence of large amounts of alcohol and cocaine” was arrested at the Piedmont Medical Center early Wednesday morning after trying to assault police officers and nurses, law enforcement records show.

Police charged Marsha Good, 39, with public disorderly conduct after officers found Good in the hospital’s emergency room “screaming at nurses and insulting them,” according to a Rock Hill Police incident report. Authorities say Good had arrived at the hospital by ambulance sometime after midnight and had previously passed out.

Good is accused of trying to hit a hospital employee in the face, exposing herself and making sexually explicit comments to employees, and attempting to kick a police officer and two nurses during her arrest on Wednesday, according to the incident report. Officers say Good calmed down at one point and told them she had taken cocaine and drank alcohol.

Hospital officials told police that Good was not injured in any way that would prevent her from going to jail, the report states. But, while officers escorted her out of the hospital toward a patrol car, police say Good pulled away and hit her head on a brick pillar.

PMC employees again evaluated Good and found she had not injured her head, police say. On the way to the Rock Hill city jail, Good urinated in the patrol car, according to the incident report.