Rock Hill woman arrested twice in one day at hospital; accused of threatening officer’s life

From staff reports

Good Rock Hill Police

The Rock Hill woman arrested early Wednesday morning at the Piedmont Medical Center for allegedly trying to assault nurses and a police officer found herself in handcuffs again – less than 12 hours later – after trying to spit on a security guard at the hospital, authorities say.

Police also accuse Marsha Good, age 39, of threatening to kill the Rock Hill police officer who was transporting her back to the city jail on Wednesday afternoon for the second time this week, according to law enforcement records.

Good is accused of telling the officer that she would make his death “slow and painful” and then saying multiple times that she would do the same to his family, the police incident report states.

Those threats were made as the officer was taking Good to jail on charges of assault and battery and throwing bodily fluids on a law enforcement officer, records state. Those charges stemmed from a Wednesday afternoon incident at the hospital in which Good is accused of trying to spit on a Rock Hill police officer and a PMC security guard, the report states.

Rock Hill authorities also charged Good with threatening a public official for her remarks about killing the officer and his family, according to police records.

Earlier on Wednesday, Good was arrested on a public disorderly charge at PMC for screaming at hospital employees, exposing herself and making sexually explicit comments in the emergency room, police records show. Her first arrest on Wednesday happened around 12:30 a.m. During the public disorderly arrest, police officers accuse Good of trying to kick an officer and two nurses.

Officers claim Good calmed down at one point on Wednesday and told them she had taken cocaine and drank alcohol.

It’s unclear why Good was back at PMC on Wednesday afternoon. During her arrest on Wednesday morning, police officials say she hit her head on a brick pillar outside the hospital but medical workers examined her and found no injuries.