York police search for man who robbed convenience store

York police are searching for a man who robbed a convenience store early Saturday morning.

A clerk at the Times Turnaround on S.C. 321 South reported that at 6 a.m. a man approached the counter while pulling a mask over his face and carrying a handgun, demanding money.

The clerk handed over the cash drawer from the register, but apparently unsatisfied, the gunman demanded to know “where the hundreds are.” The robber finally left after emptying the second cash register’s drawer, according to the incident report.

Surveillance video shows that the suspect entered the store and moved to a rear area away from the security camera until there were no other customers in the store. The man, wearing dark clothing and a ski mask, then approached the counter with a large caliber semi-automatic handgun, which he did not point at the clerk.

The suspect appears to have a light beard and “pointed goatee” visible in the video. After he seized an undetermined amount of money, the man can be seen on video fleeing the store in the direction of Inman Crossroad. His movement suggests he may be familiar with camera placement around the store, the report states.

Officers also identified a “suspicious vehicle” on the videotape. An older four-door, dark-colored Honda or Toyota sedan occupied by at least two people pulls into the lot around the time of the robbery and parks near the car wash. No one can be seen entering or exiting the vehicle, but when the gunman flees the store, he appears to look in the car’s direction.

The car pulls out onto King’s Mountain Street a short time later, but it’s unclear if the robber made his escape inside.

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