Police: Rock Hill man upset over power bill yelled death threats, used lumber as battering ram

Paul Brenner
Paul Brenner Rock Hill Police

A Rock Hill man who was upset about his power being turned off was arrested after yelling death threats and using a piece of lumber as a battering ram to try to force his way into the home of the man who turned his power off, according to Rock Hill Police.

Paul Bremner, 33, was charged with disorderly conduct-offering violence and placed in the Rock Hill city jail.

Bremner went to a home on Flint Street at about 6 p.m. Thursday, according to a police report, and began beating on the front door and yelling that he was going to kill the victim, who lives in the home.

When the victim didn’t open the door, Bremner picked up a three-foot long four-by-four and began trying to force the door open by beating on it with the lumber, again yelling that he was going to kill the victim.

A witness confirmed the victim’s story, police said.

Bremner admitted to police that he did to go the victim’s home and banged on the door with the four-by-four because he was upset the victim had disconnected the power to his home due to a large power bill.

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