Rock Hill scammer gets 7 years prison for stealing $7K for lottery tickets

Wallace Canty
Wallace Canty

A Rock Hill man with convictions for breach of trust dating back more than two decades came up snake eyes in court Thursday when a judge sentenced him to seven years in prison for stealing almost $7,000 meant for a couple’s home repairs and spending it all on lottery tickets.

Wallace Canty, 61, pleaded guilty to breach of trust for stealing the money from a couple that had scraped together money for a deck and more renovations. He was sentenced Thursday by visiting Judge Roger Couch.

Canty claimed he needed “help” for his gambling problem that culminated with him taking the advance money for materials and spending the lot on scratch-off tickets from the South Carolina Education Lottery.

The victim in the case called Canty a “shark,” perpetually on the lookout for victims to scam.

Canty, a handyman with convictions in York and Greenville counties over the years for breach of trust that included short stretches of jail time and even stealing from the government when he worked in public works in Mauldin, will only be stopped by a prison sentence, said Megan Fuller, the 16th Circuit assistant solicitor who prosecuted Canty.

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