Police: York woman made up theft, rape attempt after wrecking car

York police believe a woman made up a story about a stolen car, a man with a gun, and an attempted sexual assault after she crashed a car while driving without a license.

The 19-year-old woman’s Ford Taurus was originally reported stolen from the Knights Inn on South Congress Street just after midnight on Saturday, Aug. 8. Officers couldn’t locate the woman, however, and her brother told them she had said the car actually was stolen from a nearby gas station.

The brother spoke to her on the phone, and she then said the car was stolen from a different gas station, and hung up when her brother told her she needed to come speak to the police, according to an incident report.

Police then spoke to the woman’s mother. She told officers her daughter called her and said she picked up a man walking along the side of Congress Street, and even gave her the man’s name. She drove to Pecan Circle and fled the car on foot after the man pulled a handgun and “tried to rape her,” the mother said.

Officers later found the Taurus wrecked on Longleaf Road. Investigators believe the woman was in possession of the car at the time of the accident, driving on a suspended license. Afraid of getting in trouble, she told “multiple stories” about the car being stolen, the report states. Police could find “no evidence” the man named named by the driver as attacking her “was ever involved with this incident.”

Police were unable to locate the woman, but intend to charge her with filing a false police report, since the car was initially entered into their database as a stolen car and a report was filed on the incident.

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