Two assaulted, guns stolen in Clover home invasion

Two men were robbed and attacked at a Clover home by two suspects who fled in a car belonging to one of the victims, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

A 72-year-old man had just returned to his Ridge Road home from golfing on Monday when he saw a back window on his home broken, according to a sheriff’s report. The victim reached to open the door and a man hit him in the head, and another person put something over his head so that he couldn’t see.

The victim, who had “a lot of blood” on his shirt when officers arrived, told deputies he was “beaten so much that he thought he was going to die.”

During the assault, the suspects made the victim open his gun safe and took his guns, and also made him give them his car keys, deputies said. One of the suspects hit him in the head with a pistol when he tried to look around, and they tried to make him get in the trunk of his car.

The second victim, who is 61, told deputies he went to visit the first victim, whose door was open and car left running, the report states. He decided to wait for the owner to come out, and said that while waiting, he saw a man run from the house yelling “Get down or I’m going to shoot you.”

The suspect had a pistol in his hand, which he used to beat the second victim repeatedly, deputies said. The suspect took his wallet and keys and tried to get him in the trunk of the car, but he refused. The two suspects then got into the first victim’s car and left.

The second victim drove to a home on Dakota Lane. The first victim was walking to the same home on Dakota Lane and was met halfway there by someone who called 911.

Both victims were taken by EMS to Piedmont Medical Center. The stolen car was recovered in Gastonia, N.C., and was taken to the Moss Justice Center for processing.

No arrests have been made.