Police: Driver charged with attempted murder after running over PI in Fort Mill


A Charlotte man ran over a private investigator with a car when the investigator tried to serve court papers on him, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Reed Russell Poole, 44, of Royal Oak Road in Charlotte, was arrested this week and charged with attempted murder and placed in the York County detention center.

Deputies responded to a hit-and-run at Cracker Barrel on Carowinds Boulevard in Fort Mill about 7:20 a.m. They found the victim sitting on the curb with multiple cuts, scrapes and scratches on his body, according to a sheriff’s report. His left leg was bruised, and his knee was swollen and bleeding.

The victim said he is a private investigator and was trying to serve a notice of hearing on a domestic violence protection order on Poole, the report states. He told deputies he was following Poole when Poole pulled into the Cracker Barrel lot and got out of his car to serve the papers.

Poole wouldn’t roll down his window to take the papers, so the victim reached up to put the papers under the windshield wipers, deputies said. Poole then backed the vehicle up, knocking the victim down, and ran over the victim’s legs while driving off.

Surveillance video from the restaurant captured the incident.

Poole told deputies he saw a “strange” car behind his business. He planned to get the vehicle’s information but decided not to because he was running late.

Poole said it seemed odd that the car was staying behind him, so he pulled off to the side to let it pass, the report states. He said the victim then came running from the car and jumped on his hood.

Investigators determined the handprints on Poole’s car, which “appeared to be dragged down the side of the vehicle,” did not corroborate his story. No handprints were visible on the hood.