Man accused of running over PI in Fort Mill charged with assault in Charlotte

Reed Poole
Reed Poole Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office

The man charged with attempted murder after allegedly running over a private investigator in Fort Mill is now charged in Charlotte with repeatedly assaulting a woman, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Reed Russell Poole, 44, of Royal Oak Road in Charlotte, was charged Wednesday with three counts of assault on a female. He was placed in the Mecklenburg County jail and later released on bond.

Poole assaulted the 40-year-old victim by punching her with his fist, according to a Charlotte police report. The assault happened June 24, but the victim didn’t report it until Aug. 21. The report doesn’t indicate why she waited to report the assault.

Poole is facing a charge of attempted murder in York County after, deputies say, he ran over a private investigator on Aug. 31 in Fort Mill when the investigator tried to serve him with a notice of hearing on a domestic violence protection order. He was arrested that day and later released on bond.