Rock Hill teen murder suspect accused in jail attack on another teen murder suspect

Quinteris Miller
Quinteris Miller

A Rock Hill teen accused of murder is now charged with assaulting another teen murder suspect in jail.

Quinteris Miller, 17, who was arrested last week in connection with an Aug. 9 deadly shooting on Frank Street in Rock Hill, is accused of attacking Jacob Morgan, also 17, Thursday evening at the York County Detention Center, according to a York County Sheriff’s Office report.

A jail video shows Miller strike Morgan, busting his lip, according to the report. Officials did not say what prompted the assault.

Morgan is charged with murder and arson after a March fire at his Lesslie-area home killed his 14-month-old brother. Prosecutors said Morgan has a “warped fascination with fire” and lied to cover up the crime. Morgan’s family says he has a learning disability and can barely read and write.

Miller is charged with murder in the death of Anthony Hart, 30, whose body was found in the front yard of a Frank Street house. Miller is also charged with 10 counts of attempted murder after police say he shot into a Frank Street home occupied by many people, including children, on Aug. 2.

Miller now faces an additional assault and battery charge stemming from the jail incident.