Police: Woman pepper-sprayed after picking up neighbor’s kids from York school

Police and EMS were called after one woman reportedly used pepper spray on another over who would keep two children over night.

The incident occurred Thursday after a 46-year-old York woman was called to pick up a young girl from Harold C. Johnson Elementary School. The girl had not been picked up after school, and the woman was listed as the emergency contact.

She took the girl to her home on Oak Street, where they were later joined by another child who rode the bus. The woman contacted the children’s grandmother to let her know she had them, but when the children were still at her house after 8 p.m., the woman took them to their home on Jefferson Street to pick up overnight clothes.

There, the woman reportedly got into an argument with the children’s uncle and an unknown woman over who should take the children over night, according to a York police report. The woman who initially kept the children after school told police she was reluctant to leave the children with the other woman after she used profanity and threatened her.

While they were still arguing, the second woman reportedly fired pepper spray into the first woman’s face.

Police were called, and they found the woman who had been hit with pepper spray “crying loudly” and “in obvious pain and discomfort,” according to the report.

“Her entire face was red and she kept saying she couldn’t get one of her contacts out,” the report states.

The officers washed out the woman’s eyes with a hose and dish soap. It was approximately 30 minutes before they could get a statement from her.

Police searched the area for the woman who deployed the pepper spray but were unable to find her.

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