‘Tragedy averted:’ Rock Hill felon caught peeking at girls at school bus stop gets 4 years in prison

The Rock Hill felon who was caught by police in March with a stolen gun, box cutter, condoms, lubricant and other items while peeking through bushes at girls at a school bus stop was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday.

Michael Mobley, 26, pleaded guilty to three gun charges, resisting police, receiving stolen goods and possession of crack cocaine.

A neighbor on Chestnut Street in Rock Hill saw Mobley, wearing all black clothes, lurking and called police on the morning of March 23 at a time when children prepare to board buses for school.

When police showed up Mobley ran. When he was caught, officers found the items generally associated with sex, plus the rope, gloves and weapons.

Mobley admitted to police that he had a “Smith and Wesson in his pants.”

Matthew Shelton, 16th Circuit senior assistant solicitor, said after the court hearing there was nothing in the course of investigation that “debunked” evidence that Mobley had the items, but Mobley could only be prosecuted for the crimes he committed – not crimes that may have been planned but did not happen.

“You could call this a tragedy averted,” Shelton said after court.

Mobley was an admitted crack cocaine user whose criminal record includes several convictions for burglary, shoplifting, and other property crimes. In court, Mobley admitted that he had the stolen gun and all the other allegations against him, yet said he is not the person he was portrayed as after his arrest with all the implements in his possession.

“I really don’t have a lot to say,” Mobley said in court.

When police searched Mobley’s apartment, they found ammunition, a stolen laptop computer, and a scale with crack cocaine on it. Mobley admitted to police that he bought the stolen pistol he was carrying when arrested “from a crackhead” for $30, allegedly for protection.

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