Two students at Rock Hill ATC cited for marijuana at school

Two students at the Applied Technology Center in Rock Hill were cited for marijuana possession Thursday after admitting they smoked it before school, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Assistant Principal Chris Curtis found a small amount of marijuana and a 2-inch burnt, blunt-style marijuana cigar in one of the students’ vehicle in the school parking lot, according to a police report.

The marijuana was in an Armor-All brand container, the report said.

Curtis searched the student’s vehicle after a teacher complained about a strong smell of marijuana in the automotive repair shop classroom, the report said. Two students in the class were identified as having a strong smell of marijuana, the report said.

When the students were questioned, they admitted that they had smoked the marijuana found in the vehicle, the report said. The student who drove the car where the drug was found told Curtis that he had smoked the marijuana before coming on campus and that he had it in his vehicle, which prompted the search, the report said.

Both students received citations for marijuana possession, were suspended from school and their parents were notified, the report said.