13 minors arrested after deputies bust York party

staff reports, The Herald

Thirteen minors were arrested after York County deputies busted an underage drinking party this weekend in York.

Authorities broke up the party early Saturday morning on Mullis Road in York. Additional details about the arrests weren’t immediately available.

Officials hope to spread the word before the upcoming prom season in hopes that “teens won’t make the poor choice to drink and drive or drink alcohol under age at all,” said Trent Faris, York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

The arrests come just days after students at York Comprehensive High School teamed up with police and other emergency personnel to reenact an impaired driving crash. The event was filmed by broadcast journalism students, who will produce a video to show the entire school the effects of drinking and driving.

“You can preach all day long to the kids about what you shouldn’t do,” said Cpl. Pierre King, school resource officer at York Comprehensive. “But when they actually see it live ... this is a big part that sends to the brain, ‘Hey, wait a minute. I need to think about my choices before I get into this vehicle.’”