Police: 2 Rock Hill children forced to eat marijuana

Two children were taken to the emergency room Tuesday after telling their mother they didn’t feel well, and a hospital evaluation showed that both children had marijuana in their systems, according to a police report.

The children were playing in their Glenarden Drive neighborhood after school. One child told police that an older boy, about 12 or 13, held them and forced them to eat “weed.” The boy said he spat the marijuana out, but didn’t know if his younger brother had done the same.

The report does not indicate the children’s ages.

A nurse at the hospital stated it was not possible to determine the amount of marijuana consumed, the report said.

One child was described as “very lethargic” and complaining that “his arms felt funny.” The younger child vomited prior to coming to the hospital and was described as “too intoxicated to stay alert” during a police interview.

The hospital contacted the Department of Social Services and an investigation report was filed, the report said.

Police told the mother to expect a follow up call for additional information when the children were more alert. This case remains under investigation.