Police: Rock Hill officer assaulted during drug investigation

A Rock Hill Police Department officer has blurred vision and a black eye after he was allegedly attacked and punched repeatedly in the face during an incident Friday afternoon.

One of the people accused of felony resisting arrest was the person police and other emergency responders were called to help in the first place.

Officer Mark Schurig told Judge Dolores Williams Saturday at a bond hearing for the accused there is concern about vision in his right eye after he was attacked first by a woman, and then by a 17-year-old Northwestern High School student.

Schurig said his vision is “still blurry” a day after he was attacked.

Dajlia Symone Torbit, 20, is accused of assault and battery against Schurig, and felony resisting arrest and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Bond was set at $10,000.

Timothy M. Holley, 17, is charged with felony resisting arrest and could face 10 years if convicted. His bond was set at $6,000.

In court Schurig said he was dispatched to assist at a medical call where a person – later identified as Holley – had fainted. Holley was seen in a chair through an open door at the Eden Terrace apartment complex, Schurig said. Officers found “an overwhelming smell of marijuana” coming from the apartment.

Holley then told officers he did not want medical attention, Schurig said, but Schurig told the judge he needed to go inside the apartment and investigate the marijuana. At that point Torbit “physically began to assault me,” Schurig told the judge.

The fight between Torbit and Schurig went outside to a breezeway and then a sidewalk, where Schurig told the judge Torbit, “had a cellphone in her hand and struck me several times in the face.”

Torbit claimed in court that Schurig brought out his electronic stun gun on her, twisted her arm and started to go into the apartment that belongs to her mother, despite her asking that police wait for the mother to arrive.

Schurig told Judge Williams that Holley tried to assault him as he arrested Torbit.

Schurig said Holley then became combative.

Holley claimed in court, “I did not try to interfere with him,” adding he was waiting to talk to a second officer when another officer “ran up and tried to detain me.”