Rock Hill shoplifting suspect said he was checking security flaws


A man was charged with shoplifting at a Rock Hill electronics store after he told police he was opening the merchandise cases to advise store management of security flaws, police said.

Craig Michael Kieffer, 37, was charged with shoplifting Friday after he was observed opening security cases at the Best Buy store, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Police were called to the store around 9 p.m. Friday to a report of a man acting suspicious who was observed on the store security cameras. He was picking up items that were locked in the security cases and “messing with the items and walking back and forth,” the report said.

Officers confronted Kieffer, who told them he had a magnetic tool to open the cases but was “only opening them to advise management of a flaw in security,” the report said

He told police that he did not work for a security company, but that he worked independently, the report said.

At the request of police, Kieffer removed a device from the front left pocket of his gray hoodie and showed officers “what looked to be a homemade magnetic theft device,” the report said.

Kieffer agreed to let officers search his vehicle and they found several new brand-name electronic devices in the truck of his car, including an Apple TV, the report said.

Officers did not take the items, and they locked the vehicle back up. Kieffer was taken to the Rock Hill city jail for booking and the magnetic device and video film was placed into evidence.