Impaired Chester bicyclist carrying a machete was growing marijuana at home, police say

Beauchemin Chester County Detention Center

An intoxicated man found carrying a machete while riding a bicycle also was growing marijuana in his house, according to Chester police.

Officers on Wednesday saw a man riding a bicycle and carrying a machete on Park Drive in Chester, according to Keisha Tobias, a spokeswoman for the Chester Police Department. The officers waited for backup and detained the man for questioning.

The man said he was drinking and had been intoxicated, police said. When asked for identification, the man said he lived down the street and that his ID was on a table in his home.

Tobias said officers took the man’s bicycle to his home and were given permission by the suspect to enter the home and retrieve the ID.

“Upon entrance into the home, officers determined the home to be a small marijuana growing house,” she said. The officers also saw “other unknown materials” inside.

The man, identified as Stephen Eric Beauchemin, 46, was arrested and charged with manufacturing and possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute and public disorderly conduct, Tobias said. He remained in the Chester County Detention Center on Thursday evening.

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