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Fort Mill woman’s daughter gave her a kidney. Now her sister is giving one, too.

Sarah Nesbit already has a kidney from her daughter. But the kidney transplant surgery in 2011 did not work as hoped, so Fort Mill’s Nesbit needed another one.

Her sister said: “I got two - take one.”

Nesbit has spent 15 years on dialysis with kidney failure while raising two children and with her husband and running a business. Next week, she will undergo a second kidney transplant from her older sister, in addition to the kidney she already has from her daughter.

The hope is that from the parts, she becomes whole again.

“To have a family that is so loving, so selfless, I am so blessed,” Nesbit said. “All of my family was tested to be a potential donor. Judith is the match.”

Judith Reeves of Fayetteville, N.C., Nesbit’s sister, said that she didn’t think twice about undergoing the serious surgery to have her kidney removed to help Sarah. The cost doesn’t matter, she said. The results are what count.

“In our family, love for each other always has come first,” Reeves said. “There was no hesitation. I am getting the gift myself, really. I am the one who has been blessed to have Sarah in my life, and this will keep her in all our lives.”

The 2011 transplant started with hope in the generous gesture of life through a kidney donated by the Nesbits’ daughter, Melody. But in the more than five years since, Sarah Nesbit has still had to continue dialysis four times a week. She also has had to undergo other medical procedures.

“It has been an ordeal,” Nesbit said. “But we never gave up hope. In life you can’t stop moving and doing.”

Sarah’s husband Jason Nesbit, the owner of Bestway Automotive repair shop in Rock Hill, said he is proud of how his wife has juggled family and the business and her health.

“Some people call her the Terminator because she never stops - even though she has had so much pain,” Jason Nesbit said.

He also said he is proud of his daughter, and now his sister-in-law, for offering the gift of life.

“In our family, we know what it means to love each other and cherish the blessings of each other,” Jason Nesbit said.

The sisters will be in separate operating rooms Monday at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C. Judith’s healthy kidney will come out first, and then will be transplanted into her sister. Recovery will take weeks.

Judith Reeves said she can’t wait to hug her sister after the surgeries. Sarah said she can’t wait to return that hug - with her sister’s kidney working inside her.

Want to help?

A GoFundme page has been set up by Melody Nesbit, who donated the first kidney for her mother Sarah Nesbit, to help with medical expenses for Sarah’s sister, Judith Reeves, who is donating the second kidney. Visit