Andrew Dys

Frogs arrive in mail, primed to show off in Saturday’s Come-See-Me frog jump

They are slimy. They are slick. They are ornery. They croak and ribbit. They are greenish-brown.

And they arrived Thursday by truck.

With less than 48 hours to spare, a load of about 120 jumping frogs have arrived in Rock Hill. The frogs will compete in Saturday’s Come-See-Me festival Mayor’s Frog Jump. The frogs were ordered by festival organizers from a biology supply house to make sure every kid under 12 who wants to jump a frog in the annual contest can do so. Competition will be 10 a.m at Cherry Park.

“If a kid wants to jump a frog, we will have a frog for them,” said this year’s volunteer coordinator, Brad Howey of Comporium Communications. “Everybody jumps.”

It also is the job among the dozens of frog jump volunteers to house the frogs until the jump. Howey showed off the frogs Thursday and one jumped right out of the box, onto the lawn and down the slope into a pond near his Rock Hill home. Howey’s daughter Meredith, 17, and too old to compete on Saturday, held a frog and explained that the frog jump is great because frogs are, well, “jumpy.”

Addison Golder, 8, whose mother, Susan Golder, is another Comporium volunteer, even kissed her first frog.

She said it was good. Her face said it was terrible.

Then she practiced the frog jump and her frog did what frogs do – it jumped. It jumped fast and far and even Addison’s quick feet couldn’t catch it. Into the pond it went. A pair of frogs lost to freedom and muck.

After the frog jump Saturday all the frogs will end up back in the pond, anyway. But not yet. The frogs have a job to do, Addison Golder said.

“We still have the rest of the frogs,” Addison said. “Enough for everybody to jump.”

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