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Rock Hill man who fixed things broke his only leg; now his friends hope to fix things

For years, Kenneth “Kenny” Edwards has worked fixing things. He was a mechanic with his own business, and he traveled to fix what was broken. A motorcycle crash 31 years ago left him with one leg and a prosthesis.

But his business ran on hard times, and now he faces eviction from his Rock Hill apartment.

The city’s utilities want overdue money, too. Disconnection looms Thursday.

Could things get worse? Yes.

Two weeks ago, Edwards took a tumble down the stairs in the apartment he shares with his wife and stepson. He broke his ankle and foot.

“The only ankle I have is broken,” Edwards said recently. “I can’t work. It’s going to be months.”

Before the Edwards family got behind in their bills, Kenny Edwards said he had always worked and “we always made it somehow.” His one leg was no reason not to work, he said.

And until recently, when the pain from a bone spur in his missing leg became unbearable, he refused to seek disability assistance.

“I always said if something was broke, I could fix it,” Edwards said. “I was proud of being able to work with one leg.”

His prosthetic leg has a work boot attached to it. Krystle Edwards, Kenny’s wife, said her husband’s work ethic was always strong, as he fixed big machines and small.

But the recent financial challenges, even with Krystle working in retail as a cashier, coupled with the cast on his right leg, has him in a bind and requiring a wheelchair.

Edwards is not blaming his landlord or the city of Rock Hill utilities department for wanting the money they’re owed. He does receive Medicaid for medical assistance, but other bills have piled up.

“They have been very nice, trying to work with me,” Edwards said about his landlord and the city. “The hardest thing I have ever done is ask for help. It’s killin’ me to be a burden.”

April Miller, a friend and former Chester County Sheriff’s office deputy who is now working security, has known Kenny and Krystle for years.

“Kenny always worked, and he never described himself as disabled,” Miller said.

Miller was so distraught when she found out that Edwards had broken his leg that she asked everyone she knew on Facebook for prayers. She created a Go Fund Me page to help the family.

Kenny Edwards is thankful for friends such as Miller. He thought long and hard before agreeing to publicly share the situation he’s in. But it’s July, and hot.

“I can’t let my family be homeless,” Edwards said.

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