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Is that a bad wig? Bank fraud suspect used disguise to look like victim, SC police say

A suspect wanted by police for bank fraud in Greenville, S.C.
A suspect wanted by police for bank fraud in Greenville, S.C. GREENVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT

Police think a check-cashing fraud suspect may look different in real life than they appear in surveillance footage taken at South Carolina banks on July 23.

“IS THIS A WIG? (WE THINK IT’S PROBABLY A WIG.),” the Greenville Police Department wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday morning, showing photos of the suspect.

Though the department refers to the suspect as “she” a couple times in the post, the court of public opinion wasn’t so sure.

“It almost looks like a man in a wig,” one person commented.

The suspect is wanted for cashing a pair of checks worth more than $3,200 at two local credit unions within a matter of three minutes, and “also wearing a wig to look more like the person whose stolen driver’s license she presented,” police said.

The person abandoned an attempt at obtaining $1,965 and left a stolen ID and bank card behind after being asked for more identification at another bank, police said.

Police said the driver’s license and two checks the suspect cashed were taken from a car broken into at Geenville’s Legacy Park on July 21. Other items stolen at the same time were a designer purse and wallet, an iPhone and several bank cards, police said.

Anyone with information on the identity of the suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers 864-232-7463.

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