South Carolina

Woman severs man’s penis during reported sexual assault, South Carolina deputies say

A woman severed a man’s penis during a reported sexual assault at a South Carolina home, officials say.

She also stabbed Dennis Glenn Slaton before she escaped, naked and soaked in blood, and found refuge at a nearby Waffle House, according to an incident report obtained by the Greenville News and other outlets.

Slaton, 61, says his accuser “bit off his penis” and that his injuries landed him in the hospital for weeks, WSPA reports.

But he “denied the accusations against him,” WSPA reports.

It all happened after the woman paid Slaton to take her somewhere on Aug. 8, according to an arrest warrant from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Instead, he started going the opposite way and held a knife near the woman’s throat, saying he would kill her, deputies say.

Officials say Slaton wouldn’t let the woman get out of his car and forced her into his house, where he sexually assaulted her.

That was “until she was able to fight,” the arrest warrant says.

“During the assault, the woman severed Slaton’s penis, used the knife he threatened her with to stab him in the buttocks, and ran as he chased her through the house,” The Greenville News reports.

She eventually got away and darted through the neighborhood to ask for help, according to WSPA.

“It was pretty bad, pretty tragic, what happened to me,” Slaton told the Greenville News, without commenting further. “... If things had not transpired as they had, I would have been found here at my house dead.”

Slaton now faces charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping, according to court records. He posted bond in the pending case, officials say.

Slaton is a registered sex offender who has convictions since 1989 for attempted rape, sodomy and “peeping, voyeurism, or aggravated voyeurism,” state records show. The cases were in Georgia and South Carolina, according to authorities.

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