Letters to the editor

Underfunded schools are a disgrace

I voted against the lottery in South Carolina because I believed a large number of poor people would buy lottery tickets, trying in vain to improve their situation.

I think the first priority of those funds should be for grades k-12.

Considering that the education lottery has brought in 5 billion dollars, it’s a disgrace that there are underfunded school in South Carolina.

George Faile

Fort Mill

U.S. in deep trouble if we can’t assimilate immigrants

Responding to the letter, “Cost of Illegal Immigration put at $116 billion”. It would seem that Mr. Barnhill is consumed with word count and percentages in his letter to the editor. It would appear that his view of the left’s “faux compassion” and “generosity with other peoples money” is a hallmark of the Democratic Party.

I remind Mr. Barnhill that the 55,000 illegal immigrants he states are living in S.C., would just about fill a Charlotte Knights baseball stadium. So while he intimates that we are surrounded by thugs and criminals looking to do nothing else but take our money and do us harm, nothing could be further from the truth.

If it’s true that 1.2 percent of our states population is illegal, he’s rubbing shoulders with them everyday and he’s free to complain and write about it. His letter states that illegal immigration costs the country $116 billion but he never mentions the $3-7 TRILLION dollars President Trump gave to the ultra-wealth 1 percent (including himself) and corporations. We’d all benefit from it we were told. How’s that working out so far. Check out WAYSANDMEANS.HOUSE.GOV, South Carolina is not even mentioned.

The average $40.00 weekly benefit a family of four would receive wouldn’t buy a box of golf balls for the presidents weekly golf outing. So if the ACA is considered faux compassion and environmental standards that protect the air we breath and food we eat is counted too costly, plus the added “burden” of immigration at the southern border, that by all counts would only fill a football stadium, we are a weak and over-privileged nation, not this great nation being promoted by President Trump. If a population of 300 million people can’t assimilate 300,000 new immigrants looking to work, we are in deep trouble.

David Gray

Fort Mill

Democratic party is for all people

In answer to June 29’s article regarding President Trump’s pick for Supreme Court Justice ... the only reason President Trump has made any accomplishments is because the Republican Party owns the Senate, House and the Presidency.

First, the Lord Jesus Christ led a modest and simple life and cared for the poor and afflicted. Donald Trump does not fit this description. He has led a life of making the deals and winning whenever he can at whatever cost.

sing Religion as a means to justify our President’s actions is totally absurd. Trying to take away health care for millions of Americans is not a Christian act. Selecting government officials who are opposed to or unqualified to lead our nation is a step backwards for our country.

Second, Donald Trump has absolutely no idea what is in the Constitution ....”He has excited domestic insurrections” ...”He has made Judges dependent on his will alone”...”He has obstructed the Administration of Justice”...”He has endeavored to prevent the population of these States”; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners”; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither (He- King of England)...just to mention a few quotes from the Constitution.

As I look at the left, the Democratic Party (liberals), I see a “generous, open-minded, political party favoring changes making towards democracy (as quoted by Webster’s Dictionary). I see a Party who believes in “Public Education,” “Freedom of Speech,” ”Freedom of Religion” ... caring for the elderly and the children, workers’ rights and safety, the environment, our health care ... and yes, we believe in the Second Amendment with sensible restrictions. .The Democratic Party more describes our democracy because it is a party “of the people, by the people and for (all) the people.” We are the Party for ALL Americans”

Patricia Kelley

Rock Hill

Trump uses the name of Jesus Christ when helpful

In his op/ed on July 29, Reverend Ranhosky stated that what makes Mr. Trump “so strong” in making right choices is “his love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” This is foolishness. The Rev. is sipping Mr. Trump’s Kool-Aide. Does the Rev. recognize our President is loose with the truth and has shown no remorse for it? Or that Mr. Trump has been accused as an adulterer by several women? Or that he has bragged about groping women? Or that he has swindled many smaller businessmen in amassing his own fortune? Mr. Trump’s narcissistic flaw makes him love himself above everything else. Seemingly what motivates Mr. Trump is to win at all costs regardless of rules; to blame others and never admit error; and to use the name of Jesus Christ when helpful.

None of these are attributes of the Jesus we know. We can’t conceive how Ranhosky acquired the “reverend” title, but he should know that spiked Kool-Aide is harmful.

Harry M Dalton

Rock Hill