Opinion: NFL players should respect the national anthem

Respect the National Anthem

Football season has started and while it is only pre-season we have players protesting by not reverencing the National Anthem. I love football but I love my country more! I still get goose bumps when I hear the National Anthem but these players choose that precious time to protest.

When the National Anthem is played, I remember friends of mine who went to Vietnam and never came back. Freddie Phifer, a handsome young man with his whole life ahead of him, gave his life in that war. Butch Stegall, our class clown who had the ability to make everyone laugh, lost his laughter and his life in Vietnam. I invite you to Fort Mill to meet Jacky Bayne who would have died in Vietnam had a coroner not seen a faint sign of life before he was embalmed. These are people I knew personally and I’m sure you all have friends from other wars, including current fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, who you think about when the National Anthem plays.

In case you haven’t picked up on it let me state it, I’m really disappointed in anyone who fails to recognize and respect the playing of our country’s National Anthem!

Vickie C. Timms

Fort Mill

Support council on impact fees

The York County Council, by approving a school impact fee for new home development in Fort Mill, has taken a small initial step to recognize that the cost of a new home is far more than the purchase price.

This first small step has prompted State and County Homebuilders to file suit against County to overturn that action. It is obvious this action further intends to intimidate the Council Members by naming them individually in the lawsuit for doing the job we elected them to do. These same homebuilders previously spent $150,000 on a misleading series of mailings and media ads concerning impact fees. Apparently the profits at stake are high for the national developers who clear-cut, build and leave. York County citizens need to support our elected officials and send a strong message that we will oppose continued growth that does not reflect and contribute to the infrastructure, services and environmental costs resulting from high-density development.

There are numerous other components to the overall cost of unchecked growth of new homes in York County beyond schools and services. The average American family owns 1.9 cars. Three thousand new residences already approved for York County equal 5,700 more cars on our roads. Developers are quick to say “Pennies for Progress” will solve the problem associated with new traffic. No, Pennies for Progress pays for the increased traffic that is already here which outpaced the state and county road budgets for construction and maintenance. We are already behind the power curve building and maintaining roads. Pennies for Progress improvements will prove to be inadequate before they are completed if growth continues at the current pace with no burden sharing by those who benefit from building and buying new homes. Get involved, support the council, and make your voice heard.

Don Clarke


Why is Graham covering for Trump?

I’m in agreement with authoritarianism expert, Sarah Kendzior.

I have to ask why Senator LIndsey Graham is now covering for Donald Trump? We all know that the Russians hacked his personal emails. What did they find? What is he afraid of? What is he hiding?

If Sen. Graham wishes to preserve what’s left of his dignity, he can tell the American public now, or he can wait until we all find out by way of Robert Mueller or others. If he waits, that will be his sad, sad legacy.

The Law of Hypocrisy Unmasked. What’s done in the dark will come to light!

Mary Ann Kilkuskie

Fort Mill