Letters to the editor

Eliminate those who differ?

Hate speech by Meredith E. Bynum on Sunday morning: Eliminate all those who differ from his beliefs. They are rats, rodents. That makes me a rat. According to Meredith E. Bynum, the Holy Bible justifies hate and division.

Wolfgang Pester, Rock Hill

A follow up Bible and history lesson

Responding to Bible Study With A Spelling Lesson letter: There is always a great danger using scripture to support a political agenda or an ideology. Doing so creates a myriad of rabbit trails that fail with proper examination. Lost with this practice is the biblical message these writers intended toward their audiences. We are prone to read and hear only the parts we agree with, as for those “other verses” are intended for those “other people”.

Mr. Bynum’s resplendent use of “I” is an example; “I have wondered”, “I stumbled upon”, “I can”, (2x) Scripture doesn’t teach us to be “right” or “left” as the writer implies. The tenor of scripture was written for group application. The individual application comes into play when a reader chooses to respond personally.

As a follow up Bible lesson and a history lesson to Mr. Bynum, I’d suggest; Ecclesiastes 4:12, 1John 3:17 and Luke 3:11, along with a copy of the preamble to the Constitution. The opening words begin, “We The People in order to form a more perfect union.....” The word “I” seems to be missing from each of these writings. Maybe for a reason? President Trump’s “Only I can fix it” might be a precursor for what’s to come in November 2018. Sadly, the Legend of the Pied Piper is evermore relevant.

David Gray, Fort Mill

Don’t limit the rights of protesters

Those who choose to protest what they conceive as inequities in the nation, have the right to choose the time and place for protesting. This includes the playing of National Anthem during a professional foot ball came. This right is provided by the first amendment of the United States Constitution. It is guaranteed by our military that fought throughout the world to secure similar rights for other nations. If not at a football, where; if not by raising your fist, how. If we allow the line to be crossed and limit the rights of protestors, we introduce another level of oppression in this country.

When I served for 18 month in Vietnam as a member of United States military surviving two human wave and 48 rocket attacks, we proudly put ourselves on the line every day for this great country, while at the same time realizing it wasn’t a perfect county. To us, it was an honor to fight to protect the way of life for the American people.

History shows that we have always engaged in protests from the Boston Tea Party, women’s rights, civil rights and gay rights that help shape our society and become the great nation we are today. I hate to think what it would be like if these groups were not allowed to protest.

Every time the National Anthem is played in my presence, I stand at attention and salute or place my hand over my heart. It brings back remembrance of my fellow comrades who were injured or lost their lives on the battle field. Also it reminds me me that everyday spend on the battlefield was well worth it and I would quickly do it all over again, if called upon.

While at this point in my life, I have no desire to stage a protest; at the same time I respect the rights of those who do. When we attempt to tell a protester when and how to protest, it ceases to be a protest. It becomes a form of censorship. Censorship is a form of suppression or prohibition that will undermine the freedoms that we enjoy to and is something that all of us should oppose.

Melvin Poole, Rock Hill

Tax cut only added to deficit and national debt

The tax cut has been in effect for several months, so everyone has gotten used to having a little or a lot more take home pay in their check, or maybe not. This tax cut has simply added to an already huge deficit and national debt.

If we had an annual surplus, the prudent thing would be to pay down the national debt, but a tax cut could considered, but we don’t — we already had a deficit before this fiscally irresponsible action.

If you could not pay your bill and every month the shortage was added to your credit card, as long as you paid the ever increasing interest, fully intending to leave the principle for your children and grandchildren to pay: would you do that? No, neither would I, but our government just did and plans to do so again. So don’t thank any politicians. Thank your children and grandchildren. You are spending their money.

Patrick White, Rock Hill