Letters to the editor

A message to SC students about the Constitution

When students visit the Supreme Court of South Carolina, the other Justices and I often entertain their questions afterward.

Today, I would instead like to direct some questions toward South Carolina’s students:

Have you considered what liberties the United States Constitution provides you?

What will you do to protect these freedoms for yourself and for future generations?

If you believed your Constitutional rights were being violated, how would you work to solve that problem productively and peacefully?

The Constitution is a living document whose survival depends upon each generation of Americans understanding and actively supporting its principles and values.. As such, today’s students must learn about the Constitution and how our government works, and I believe it is the responsibility of the Judicial Branch to engage in this process.

Students often study the Constitution in September because it was signed during this month in 1787. Accordingly, I have chosen this month to launch a new program called South Carolina Judges in Schools, through which judges will visit classrooms to talk about the role of the Judicial Branch of government and other civics-related topics. Please visit www.sccourts.org/edresources for more information about inviting a judge to your local classroom.

In parting, I will ask you to consider the words of one of history’s best known students and thinkers, Albert Einstein: “The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.”

Chief Justice Donald W. Beatty
Supreme Court of South Carolina

Norman embarrasses me again

Just when I thought it was safe to tell folks know I once lived in Rock Hill, and not get some humorous comment about Ralph Norman, he embarrasses me again.

The story of Ralph’s attempt at humor in which he managed to put down women, older folks, and the President who is ranked as one of he best in our history, has reached the low country.

It troubles me to see an elected official show such insensitivity. To my way of thinking it indicates not only a lack of respect but a lack of empathy for those who have been assaulted. On top of that it shows he is clueless about an important issue before our nation.

I hope that the good citizens of the 5th district will not return Ralph to Congress. If that happens, I won’t have to keep explaining to people down here that all people up there are not like Ralph.

The Rev Dr. Jim Watkins
Pawleys Island

Women want dignity and respect

Senator Lindsey Graham, Please know that because there is already a current hearing for Supreme Court Justice, the Senators conducting the hearing need to do their job.

Do not bring in an outside women to question Dr Ford. It looks like you care more about optics than about conducting the hearing. And do note, this is a hearing, not a trial.

This isn’t about a citizen possibly going to prison but about a position on the court. Kavanaugh’s life will not be “ruined” if he does not get a position on the court.

Eighty percent of women who are raped or sexually assaulted do not report the crime until many years later because men in power tend to care more about the Judge Kavanaugh’s of the world then about the dignity of assaulted women.

Women want Dr. Ford treated with dignity and respect, not treated like a lady who is wrecking a powerful and privileged man’s career advancement. You said today that others have reported that the Dr. Ford assault didn’t happen.

Actually they said that they can’t corroborate her story. That is much different. They weren’t assaulted. Put the second man who was in the room under oath.

Let women see if our Senators have grown as men since Anita Hill’s testimony was so clumsily handled. And finally, postpone the vote on Judge Kavanaugh until the FBI investigates these high school allegations.

Mary Harrell PhD
Fort Mill

Pay kindness forward with gratitude

To Unknown Angels, You two men helped me, a stranger, this past Saturday, while stranded at the light at East White and Anderson.

In this depressing time of division and distrust, I was a white woman (70 this year) and you were younger black men, but you looked beyond that and saw someone needing help and color and age didn’t stop you from offering me assistance while others passed by.

My car was new to me. Twenty miles before empty it said as I headed to get gas, but not 20 miles if stopped on an incline at a red light. There are two gas stations on that corner, neither had a gas can to lend or buy. One of the stations looked for one, the other was less helpful.

My phone was missing and I was unsure where to turn. You, though, stopped, offered help, found a container, a funnel and asked if I had cash to buy gas. Then your funnel would not work and you waited while I checked the manual for a solution.

You then found the funnel designed to work beside the spare tire and tried again. When the gas went in and I offered a token of appreciation in the form or money, you both refused, insisting that the only thing you wanted was to see my car start and head off.

We celebrated when it did but I have to keep saying “Thank you, gentlemen.”

And I promise that although you did not want to accept any offering from me beyond thanks, I will stretch my own efforts further in helping others in need and offer it as a gift in your honor. Pay it forward is all I can do with the immense gratitude I feel for you.

Pat Shaw
Rock Hill

Proud to be from South Carolina

Thursday was a great day for our State. We and the nation saw one of our own, Lindsey Graham, factually refute a befuddled woman’s mistaken memory, and, in a heroic passionate speech, call out the Senate Democrats for their duplicity, moral corruption and total lack of human decency toward Judge Cavanaugh and Mrs. Ford. I am proud to be from a State with the likes of Senators Graham and Scott, Ambassador Nikki Haley, Representative Ralph Norman, Mick Mulvaney and the rest of the South Carolina Republican office holders and public servants. I urge all voters in this State, as well as the Nation, to remember the Senate Democrats hypocrisy and the identity politics, racism and intellectual dishonesty of the House Democrats, i.e. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, et. al. when they go to the polls in November. We, as a fair minded and concerned citizenry, deserve better than we are getting from the “opposition party” and their corrupt cohorts in some of the media. I hope Judge Cavanaugh is confirmed and we, in South Carolina, continue to lead the ethical high ground in a Nation so dearly in need of honesty and civility in our dealings with the truly troublesome problems we face as the Greatest Nation on Earth.

John McNamee

Kudos to Sen. Graham

I usually don’t feel this way about him but mega-kudo go out to Sen. Lindsay Graham and his actions at the Kavanaugh hearing. He called a spade a spade and called the Democrats out on their devious ways and was extremely emphatic about it. He did a great job.

Mike Bean