Letters to the editor

Ralph Norman for US Congress

As a political leader in York county, I always looked at a person running for office to have Christian and conservative values. Ralph Norman is a true Christian and conservative. Ralph while in Congress has help voted for tax cuts, help the Veterans to get quality care and increased the spending on our military. He stands tall being a Donald Trump ally and he is for building the Wall. He is a member of the Freedom Caucus and voted repeatedly to cut our Federal debt. Ralph has worked hard at being a Congressman and fights for all the people in his district. He is transparent and speaks the truth.

He has been married to Elaine for over 43 years and they have 16 grandchildren. He is a businessman, family man. a warm and caring person.

His opponent has the opposite values Mr. Parnell is not transparent. When he ran for congress last year he omitted to the voters that he broke down a door with a tire iron and beat his first wife not once but twice.

(IN October 1973, Archie Parnell, then a University of South Carolina student, was locked out of some friends’ apartment to protect Kathleen Parnell, who was staying there. At 2 a.m., Archie Parnell used a tire iron to break a glass door, the complaint said. He made more unspecified accusations to Kathleen Parnell before striking her several times. She said she was beaten again later that evening.) Huffington Post

Mr. Parnell lived over 20 plus years in Hong Kong before moving back in 2017 to run for Congress. I believe he has more in common with the Chinese then the voters in South Carolina. In these times with the Me-too Movement and the attacks on the Brett Kavanaugh from women groups, why are they so silent on Archie Parnell? A true wife beater. A Double Standard of course.

There is one clear choice for the 5th district Congressional seat that is to Re-elect Congressman Ralph Norman a true Christian and Conservative.

Paul Anderko, Rock Hill

Keep up the good work

Just want you to know how much I enjoyed the article Oct. 14 on the moving of the office of The Herald newspaper; and also how much I enjoy “Books” page each Sunday. Always check New York Times Best Sellers....something I always missed in my 50 years of taking the Charlotte Observer!! (which I no longer take). Keep up the good work!

Mary Jane Stallworth, Rock Hill

Kraljevich is engaged, active community member

As a parent of three children (ages 9 to 17) and a 14-year resident of Fort Mill, I know how lucky I am to live in this part of the state. Our town is vibrant and our schools are top tier. But I worry about what our town and schools will look like in five years. Or ten.

This is why I will be voting for John Kraljevich for SC House 26. I know John to be an intelligent, thoughtful person. I have heard him speak to a number of issues that affect us locally and have always found his answers to be detailed and thorough.

As a resident and parent, his concerns are our concerns: schools, growth, fairness, and economics. John is an advocate of properly funding our schools and making sure teachers are paid a fair wage. He’s a proponent of ensuring we have the infrastructure for smart growth and curbing the growth that is making our morning commute a nightmare.

He insists on not accepting campaign contributions from corporate special interests. (As opposed to his opponent who receives funding from the utility companies and pro growth lobbying groups.)

He is committed to aiding small businesses and bringing job training to Fort Mill to attract more jobs. John Kraljevich is a parent, a Fort Mill neighbor, who you will see at football games, band events, school attendance meetings, Fall Festivals, dog rescue events, or even guiding the Fort Mill History Museum’s Lanterns and Legends tour (yes, really.)

John is an engaged, active member of our community. He cares about the same issues you and I care about. He will fight for us in Columbia, not special interests.

Gretchen Kelly, Fort Mill

Making the cancer fight a top priority

Last month, I had the honor of representing South Carolina on Capitol Hill by traveling to Washington, D.C., with nearly 700 of my fellow American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) volunteers from across the country to urge Congress to make cancer a national priority.

Together, we called on Congress to support lifesaving policies that help people prevent and better treat cancer. We asked legislators for their support in increasing federal funding for cancer research, backing legislation to improve patient quality of life and removing cost barriers to colorectal cancer screenings for seniors.

When I met with staff of Congressman Ralph Norman, I told him that cancer is nonpartisan, and that Congress should seize the opportunity to pass critical legislation that can help end cancer as we know it.

I also let our lawmakers know that South Carolinians and many others across the country rely on them to support legislation that will help reduce the cancer burden, potentially making cancer history. With more than 1,670 people dying from cancer every day, we must take legislative action on these important issues.

I encourage you to join us, giving us a stronger and louder voice in the fight against cancer. Visit acscan.org to be connected to people like me in your commitment to fight cancer.

Pansy Yates, Rock Hill

Why would minister attack Ralph Norman?

I would like to write in response to the letter from Rev. Dr. Jim Watkins, Pawleys Island. He writes that Congressman Ralph Norman has “embarrassed him again”. There are several things about his letter that bothers me. First of all, he was upset because he was not able to find humor in a joke that Norman told. I am not going to try and explain what a joke is all about but they are seldom if ever serious in nature. Then the Reverend goes on and on about Norman’s “insensitivity and lack of respect”. It seems like overkill so I wonder what the real reason is for a man of God to write such an attack on Congressman Norman. Over a joke?

I guess I must have missed the part of the Bible where this type of behavior by a minister is advocated. Then there is the fact that instead of writing to Congress Norman, he wrote to the newspaper evidently trying to scatter his hate to the populace. Where was this Reverend when he should have been in Bible school learning “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32) or “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.”(Romans 12:10) I am no Bible expert but I know enough about religion to know this reverend has a way different interpretation than the norm and he calls Congressman Norman “clueless?”.

Bill Vannordstrand, Rock Hill

Republicans coming for entitlements

Last week I received my new Medicare Card. Ironically, the next day Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan were warning that they were coming for Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Their argument was that these entitlements were driving the severe uptick in budget spending vs revenue. They failed to mention that the real cause of the shortfall was the effect of the recent massive tax giveaway to Billionaire and Millionaire Fat Cats and Corporations.

Remember their lie, at the time of the cuts, was that these tax cuts would “Pay for themselves.” Fake news manufactured by the Trump Administration. Increasing the National Debt has always been the GOP plan and excuse for eliminating these valuable middle class entitlements.

I have been paying into Social Security since I was 17 years old and pay a significant monthly fee to fund my Medicare. Fortunately I do not need Medicaid. Like much of the Middle Class I have received no benefit from the GOP tax cuts. I will keep this inequity in mind when I cast my vote on November 6th.

Edmund J. FitzGerald , Rock Hill

Immigrant caravan should try a different tactic

The leaders of the immigrant caravan traveling to the U.S. looking for sanctuary and refuge from the oppression in Guatemala are sending the wrong message and using the wrong tactics toward the President. Regardless of what they have done or not done, who they have hurt or not hurt, or lived in danger or suffered oppression, just wear a red hat with a MAGA logo and carry a sign saying “We Love Trump/Pence” and they’ll roll out a red carpet and open the gates wider than the border into Mexico.

Declaring we just want to be free and safe doesn’t work with this present administration. For that we’ll build a wall, call out the army and lock the gates to keep you out. Calling every one of these sojourners Thugs, Robbers and Rapists, somehow sounds very much like the message President Trump is railing against, “Guilty until proven innocent.”

How many times have we heard that? It doesn’t matter if you’re a senator, or a diplomat, or just simple folks looking for a better life, if you just carry a sign, wear a MAGA hat, and tell the President how great he is and you’re in — to do whatever your plan is. It should be noted that the amount of people in this caravan are fewer than any large rally the President holds where he bashes every person and organization that challenges him. Guilty until proven innocent. We deserve better than this — Vote.

David Gray, Fort Mill

Congress must look at rising housing costs and stagnant wages

Midterm elections just are a few short weeks away, South Carolina residents have experienced turmoil this year and are looking to our leaders to support us moving forward. The New Congress must look at why housing cost soar and wages remain stagnant.

Many South Carolina residents can barely afford to live in their communities because they are being priced out. People are making barely enough to pay for rent and basic needs, regulations must be put in place to control the price gouging in many areas that prevent people with low to moderate incomes from affording a place to live.

While Senators Scott and Graham are offering tax credits to contractors to build in “Opportunity Zones” we need tax credits and policy for renters that are in the gap where they cannot afford to buy a home and they can’t afford to rent.

Yolanda Gordon, Tega Cay

Speak Up: Know Your Rights and How to Use Them

Across the country, residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities along with family members, ombudsmen, citizen advocates, facility staff and others will honor the individual rights of long-term care residents by celebrating Residents’ Rights Month. October is National Long-Term Care Residents’ Rights Month, a time to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices many long-term care (LTC) residents have made to better our community and to call attention to the rights of residents in long-term care facilities.

Residents’ Rights Month is an opportunity to focus on and celebrate awareness of dignity, respect and the rights of each resident. The federal Nursing Home Reform Law guarantees residents’ rights and places a strong emphasis on individual dignity, choice, and self-determination. The law also requires nursing homes to “promote and protect the rights of each resident.”

During Residents’ Rights Month, the Catawba Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman program staff, want to bring specific attention to residents’ rights, and provide information to those who need to find a long-term care facility. In this region, the Catawba Regional Ombudsman program serves York, Chester, Lancaster and Union County.

I encourage community members to visit those they know in a long-term care facility, volunteer in a facility or inquire at the Catawba Area Agency on Aging about becoming a Friendly Visitor Volunteer. You can contact the Catawba Area Agency on Aging in Rock Hill at 803-329-9670 or toll free at 1-800-662-8330.

Melissa Morrison, Long Term Care Ombudsman, Catawba Area Agency on Aging

Parnell will work hard to seek fair solutions

This is to urge the voters of this area to vote early and to support Archie Parnell for Congress. Mr. Parnell listens carefully and understands that the people of our district are very concerned about the country’s widening political divisions. He will work hard with members of both parties to seek fair solutions to the many issues our country faces and to return our values of respectful behavior and civility to Congress. He will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security and work for affordable health care that will not deny pre-existing conditions.

Unlike his opponent, he will oppose any increase to our national debt caused by giving tax cuts to billionaires and big corporations. He understands the tax code and will work to close tax loopholes for companies who bank trillions of dollars overseas and use the tax revenue from those trillions to strengthen infrastructure and create jobs here at home. Archie Parnell will push back against the trade war tariffs that continue to threaten South Carolina manufacturing jobs and our farmers.

The Archie Parnell that I know and admire is an intelligent, creative problem solver. He is a kind, gracious family man, someone I trust and believe in. He is honest and humble, qualities we could surely use in Washington. Please join me in voting for Archie Parnell for Congress.

Joanna Angle, Lewis Turnout

Helena Miller cares what’s best for youth

On Nov. 6, each citizen will have an opportunity to speak through his or her vote at the polls. There may be some that will have done so by early voting or absentee ballot. Most will be mainly concerned with state and federal issues. There is one election that most pay little or no attention to and that is the school board races. In many cases, the voter does not even take time to mark a candidate or simply marks the first name on the list. I ask, what is more important than the welfare and education of our youth?

I served for sixteen years as a member of the Rock Hill School Board. During this time, I had both the opportunity and privilege of serving with Helena Miller. Helena is running for re-election. During the time we served together, I found that she always came prepared and knowledgeable on whatever issues were brought to the board at every meeting. Helena also brought the parents viewpoint. She was that representative that had children in the schools. Helena truly cares about what is best for our youth.

I urge the voters of District 2 to cast their vote on November 6 for Helena Miller.

Walter Brown, Rock Hill

John Kraljevich cares about local issues

Fort Mill has always been my home. I started kindergarten at Fort Mill Primary in 1999 and graduated from Nation Ford in 2012. While the population has changed some things still haven’t, there are still two lane roads, often with no shoulder, and still houses being built faster than you can take a left turn out of your own neighborhood. Our schools are still great but are being flooded at well over 1000 students per year and teachers are still doing their jobs for the passion of it while struggling to make ends meet. Inaction at the statehouse level has contributed to us not getting any help with traffic or for the salary of our teachers. I know a candidate that not only has the mind capable of addressing these complex issues but the heart to put the people before the special interests.

I first met John Kraljevich after he gave a speech on the history of South Carolina down in Columbia late last year. Since then he has begun his campaign to represent the 26th House District of South Carolina. I have come to know him as someone that goes out of his way to help others while also working tirelessly to turn his love of history into a successful local small business. I have seen him speak to various crowds and it is evident that John cares about the local issues that will unite us in this time of great polarity. This is not a race about party; this is a race about the future of our town. This future can be of a self-sustaining town that grows up instead of sprawling out, or a future that continues to raise profits for developers while congesting our roads and overcrowding our schools. I know my decision on Nov. 6.

John Gaydos, Fort Mill

Vote democrat if you enjoy your rights

I’m 66 and have voted in every state and national election since 1970. This year is the most important election, I believe, in our country’s history. It will determine whether we uphold the ideals of our Constitution or continue the crumbling into fascism already begun.

I depend on my Social Security and Medicare. I’ve paid for it. I’ve paid for Medicaid, too. We all have. Yet the Republicans want to tear it down.

Do you enjoy your job and benefits, the right to speak your mind, the right to travel freely, the right to be educated, the right to determine the direction of our country’s policies?

If so, then Vote on Nov. 6. And, if you believe in Freedom, Liberty and Justice For All, then Vote Democrat and help sustain these principles.

Vote for Archie Parnell. Vote for James Smith. They’re not perfect candidates but they believe in these principles. Vote Blue. Vote Democrat.

Michael Wood, York