Letters to the editor

Greatest threat to America is from within

It is astounding and tugs at the very heart of who we are as a nation, that President Trump continues to deny entry to, continually berates, demeans, injures, all peoples seeking refuge at the borders.

All this under the guise that they’re disease ridden and dangerous criminals who’s only goal is to do us harm, yet persons throughout this President’s circle of influence have confessed to and have been convicted of serious crimes.

The question needs to asked, “Who is doing the greater harm?” Is it the refugee seeking safety and work or is it the Trojan Horse in Washington filled with politicians and grifters seeking to enrich their coffers with our tax money.

Our greatest threat is not from the refugee outside of our borders but from within. We have been promised many things by President Trump, but history always repeats itself. Promises and results are not always compatible and reason and reality need to be addressed. President Trump stated during his campaign, “Vote for me, what have you got to lose?”

But in the words of Virgil in 29-19 B.C. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. We were promised heaven on earth and it has become a world of smoke and mirrors filled with lies. Subterfuge and deceit gave the Greeks victory over Troy and they lost everything.

Our Washington Trojan Horse will defeat us too if we ignore the danger and believe the constant barrage of lies we’re being told. The danger to us is not from the refugee. The danger is already here, inside of our capital.

Higher wages, better jobs, the best health care in the world, corporations clamoring to bring their businesses back to America are just a few of the benefits we were told to expect. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” is ever true.

David Gray, Fort Mill

What’s in a name?

I just finished reading “City turns down “wordy” new name for sports arena” written by John Marks and wanted to weigh in on it. The way I understand it, the Hospital wants to give the City $400,000 to add their name to the Rock Hill Sports & Events Center which people will just refer to it as “the Sports Center” anyway. Sort of like the Dean E. Smith Center that everyone in creation calls the “Dean Dome”.

Anyway, it turns out that Marks has interviewed several people who are evidently eminently qualified to give opinions on whether or not it is a good idea to accept almost half a million dollars…for free. It might as well be free to us tax payers because all we have to do is allow the Hospital’s name to be added to the facility that nobody knows what it is called anyway — or cares.

Well, I was not aware that some of the people Mr. Marks interviewed were evidently respected in the field of printing as well as knowing what the taxpayers want. Well, there is one small misconception in that it was pointed out that putting that long name on every bit of printed matter would be a problem. I don’t know — maybe, referring to the cost involved, but in fact it costs the exact same to print a long name as a short one. Also, I want to support anyone who has the ability to judge things like this by “feel”. If you did not read this article, go on line and read it. Really: $400,000 vs ”feel”.

My admiration for this group of interviewees led me to check MENSA enrollment for their names, but I must have used the wrong search engine.

Y’know, some of the less informed taxpayers in this County would just jump on the $400,000 and what all it could be used for. Mostly because they probably don’t have a “feel” for things that fall in your lap like this. I am now on a quest to find someone in York County who would not allow the Hospital to add for instance: “Bill Vannordstrand presented by the Piedmont Medical Center” to my name for in exchange for $400,000. I would already be looking a new Porsche.

Marks, for reasons of his own went ahead and interviewed others that had other opinions on whether or not to accept this money. Some even gave ideas for its use and its benefits. What are they thinking?

This whole thing harkens back to the time an unnamed person on the City Council came up with the perspicacity to recommend that the City pay $70,000 to purchase some big scrap metal sculptures made by unnamed Winthrop students to decorate the City waste water (sewer) treatment facility on Cherry Road.

Imagine my disappointment when public outrage caused the City to rethink the idea. It was probably for the best anyway. Think of the cost of printing all those brochures with Rock Hill Waste Water Treatment Plant Decorated by Artwork by Unknown Students at Winthrop University.

Wow. I think the idea may have been originated by the Rock Hill Hysterical Society but I am not sure. I am also not sure that Cherry Road would have been able to handle all the tourist traffic to the Waste Water facility. History repeats itself.

Bill Vannordstrand, Rock Hill

Bike, walking trails important for local cities

We support the City of Tega Cay’s efforts to create a Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trail Master Plan as an addendum to the city’s comprehensive plan. Documenting and implementing this plan will enhance Tega Cay’s long-term attractiveness, economic success, and community members’ safety and health. The global trend is towards more biking and pedestrian activity, and we have the same demand here in York County. In Eat Smart Move More York County’s efforts to make the healthy choice the easy choice in York County, we know the importance of making biking and walking more accessible and safer in our community.

A documented bicycle, pedestrian and trail master plan is key to understanding and implementing standards. Planners must ensure that any time roads are built, repaired and considered, the review include bike lanes, trails and sidewalks. Specifically, they should complete loops, identify future trails, and ensure safe connections between destinations (e.g., schools, parks, restaurants and businesses).

We appreciate that Mayor David O’Neal signed the South Carolina Livable Communities Alliance which supports the planning, designing, operation, and maintenance of public highways in a manner that provides safe, convenient and comfortable travel and access for users of all ages and abilities regardless of their transportation mode. As the city of Tega Cay updates its Comprehensive Plan over the next year and seeks public input, we encourage residents to keep connectivity, walkability and an active and healthy community at the forefront of planning.

Elizabeth W. Duda, Chair, Eat Smart Move More York County, Tega Cay