Food trucks are coming to Rock Hill

Food trucks and entertainment are one more reason to be happy it’s Friday in Rock Hill.

The city has launched a new program – Food Truck Fridays at the Fountain – that will run every third Friday, 6 to 9 p.m., from May until September. Friday’s event featured music by a local group, the Suttle Band, and food selections including barbecue and Asian fare, desserts and a variety of other “street foods.”

Organizers say all Food Truck Fridays will feature at least 10 trucks offering food, some with beer and wine. Special activities for children also will be part of the fun.

People are invited to bring lawn chairs or blankets to Fountain Park in downtown Rock Hill, where they can eat, relax and listen to music. To find information on the food truck vendors and entertainment just check the Only in Old Town Facebook page.

Food trucks in downtown Rock Hill are something new, but food trucks already are a hot item in many major U.S. cities, including Charlotte. For truck operators, they offer low overhead and the mobility to go where the hungry people are.

For diners, the trucks can offer a variety of foods that may not be available at local stationary restaurants. And while some trucks might sell little more than hotdogs, others can whip up high cuisine meals, often with an ethnic twist.

It’s an excellent way to expand the local menu in Rock Hill.

Of course, live music and special activities also will make Food Truck Fridays a family-oriented social gathering. The monthly event will give people a reason to get out of the house and take advantage of the new Fountain Park.

We’re grateful the city has initiated this program and hope officials will encourage a variety of different food trucks to put Rock Hill on their routes.

Ultimately, we’d like to see even more food trucks serving local diners on a more frequent basis. They would need access to large groups of customers, such as the lunchtime crowd at a large business or other central area where people gather.

Trucks might also find hungry customers around the Winthrop University campus.

If food truck traffic picks up considerably, the city might have to develop new regulations to cover them, such as where and when the trucks can park in public places. For now, though, we welcome Food Truck Fridays as a great way to start the weekend.

In summary

Food trucks are a good way to celebrate the end of the work week and increase the variety of food offered in the city.