Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Sept. 12

We should trust library board

Your childish editorial about the library dismissing its director suggests that The Herald doesn’t care about the well-being of this community, but only about selling papers and provoking scandals. As a local businessman in Rock Hill for decades, I know that dealing with fragile personnel matters is hard, and being deliberate may appear to be secretive.

If the library’s investigation prompted them to fire the director, it must have been necessary and unavoidable. They’re called “trustees” because we “trust” them. I don’t need to know the confidential details; I trust they did the right thing.

You can’t punish someone when you don’t even know whether accusations against them are true. Typically, professionals are placed on administrative leave while allegations against them are investigated. Stakeholders often complain about the “waste of money” caused by keeping someone on payroll after investigation has yielded enough evidence to justify firing them.

The Herald editorial complains of just the opposite. It’s obvious to me that no matter what the board decided, The Herald would have complained about it and tried to hurt our library.

For decades, I have remained in Rock Hill and worked hard, even turning down opportunities elsewhere. I love Rock Hill. One of the trustees of the library does some work for me, and we had to reschedule our weekly meeting this week because of the urgency of some library concerns.

I know the library board works hard to keep our libraries running and provide outstanding service to us – as volunteers. So I know they must care greatly about Rock Hill.

The Herald is owned by a huge corporation in southern California and is only interested in extracting profits from Rock Hill. I’m not convinced that The Herald cares about this community nearly as much as we do.

Jim Morton

Rock Hill

Wrong about invasive voters

In a recent letter to the Herald, Ross B. Martin of Sharon, made this statement: “All it takes to vote in our elections is a picture ID, and most of the invaders have valid driver’s licenses.” Apparently the “invaders” are illegal immigrants and that their massive voting is a scam perpetrated by Democrats to inflate the vote.

Mr. Martin is promoting an ancient right-wing myth that anyone, citizen or non-citizen, can blithely walk into any election poll and cast a vote in the coming election. He is completely wrong!

To vote in our elections one must present the following: (1) proof of identity, (2) proof of citizenship, (3) valid social security number, (4) proof of residency. With these requirements fulfilled, the individual can then file to vote with the County Board of Registration and Election. Once approved, the new voter will be assigned and registered with the appropriate voting precinct and issued a voter registration card.

On election day, the prospective voters will present a valid photo ID to the precinct poll workers who will verify that they are listed on the prescient registration roll. They then sign in and are allowed to vote at this precinct.

No, Mr. Martin, “invaders” will not be voting this November.

Edmund J. FitzGerald

Rock Hill