Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 14, 2007

City should address Winthrop jaywalking

I am not from here in Rock Hill. I am an ordinary student at Winthrop. I read the recent article in the paper regarding jaywalking. I am concerned that it doesn't extend to the students here. Yes, Oakland Avenue is terrible to cross outside of a crosswalk, but Cherry Road is worse. I look out my window and see dozens of students cross Cherry, and I worry that they will be struck by an oncoming vehicle.

I also look out to see these students crossing outside of the designated crosswalks. As soon as they reach the other side, I see a Rock Hill Police officer pass, and I know the officer saw the jaywalking in progress. I am more concerned that the officers do not warn the students or ticket them. Even our own university police staff do nothing.

Regarding Oakland, we have crosswalks with the buttons that change the light to red and loud annoying beeps ring out. It also bothers me that students cross after the beeps without pressing the button and waiting. Isn't a two-minute wait well worth life? Is there really something that important on the other side of the street?

I, myself, always use crosswalks. I thought there was already a law dealing with this issue. All I am asking is that the city of Rock Hill extend the law to Winthrop and enforce the law, if it is passed.

Who cares if a "party shop" can't have a liquor license because the doors are too close? From what I read, that is why the law is now an issue -- to help that business. There are bigger issues in the world than selling alcohol.

Richard Whilden

Winthrop University

Jesse Jackson should stay home

Wonderful! The homegrown half of the infamous "Reverend Twins" will be speaking on the issues of education and its cost, dropout rates and gun deaths. These are issues that affect us all and they should be addressed. I am positive, though, that the same old racist stuff will be all the good Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks about.

While he is answering questions after his speech, here are some I have: Why have the Baptists not revoked his license to preach after he had an extramarital affair that produced a child? Why does the good reverend not apologize for the racist remarks he made about the Jews when he referred to them as "Hymies" and to New York City as "Hymietown"? Does the good reverend still give out scholarships to those who claim to have been raped by a lacrosse team? He should do the state of South Carolina a favor -- leave and never come back.

Rick Gwin

Rock Hill